How to Have a Better Relationship with YOU!

how to have a better relationship with yourself

Small Steps

Does this sound familiar?  I’m going to change everything – all at once!  This is one of the biggest traps people fall into; they make unrealistic demands on themselves and they end up changing nothing which creates another problem – feeling worse and falling short of your goals.  The trick is to start small; pick a certain area of your life and make small improvements.  Once you have achieved that then you can start on the next area one bite at a time.

What Others Think

There is a phrase that has been going around for some time, “What other people think about you in NONE of your business.” How often do we base everything we feel, do or think on whether or not someone else will approve or disapprove? Reach for what makes YOU happy because your life is meant to be one of joy and if you don’t know how – find out! When we make someone else’s needs more important than our own, we are in effect dropping ourselves off the most important priority list – our own! So if we continue to do this, how will we ever achieve happiness?  Giving of ourselves for the betterment of others is a very generous thing – however – when it is done at the detriment of our own health then it becomes a problem.  Be aware of your own space and what you need to do within it – take charge of your own challenges and issues.

Going for Both

Do we really have to choose either/or?  Unfortunately we have been taught that this is what we have to do but who says we have to do it?  Who is standing over our head and keeping us from choosing life the way that we want it?  It’s true, choices have consequences but if we have courageous conversations with ourselves about what is really important to us then there is no reason why we can’t find a way that incorporates both.  How you view the world and what you expect you deserve are all a mindset. When we put ourselves on the top of our priority list, we find that we are still able to help others.

Trust Your Instinct

Red warning lights are constantly going off in our heads and most of the time we ignore them.  Trusting your instinct cannot be emphasized enough; it will always give you the right answer! Don’t turn away from yourself when that nagging, mean, nasty, self-deprecating voice kicks in.  That’s just your little voice doing its job to plant doubt.  Listen to your spirit, it is demanding that you listen to your instinct.  Find a reason to support it and get on with it! Most of the time there are things that we always knew from the start but didn’t listen because we weren’t honest with ourselves when things have gone wrong.  Rather than trusting ourselves and our own intuition, it is often easier to abdicate our decisions to others so that we don’t make any bad ones.  We must commit to trusting ourselves and start taking those small steps – NOW!

Holding Yourself Accountable

Hopefully, if we are honest with ourselves, then we know whether or not we are disciplined enough and self reliable when it comes to pursuing our goals or if we will need some help.  The fact is, most successful people realize this because they have the support they need and are held accountable for the right reasons. We all need that person or support group to help us stay on track.  Stop beating yourself up because you feel like a failure and stop trying to do it all on your own!

Imagine… How might your life look 1, 3, 5 months from now with your renewed dedication to self-care? Your health affects your every area of your life experience. This is the most important decision of your life. Join us today.


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