What are Epigenetics?

What are Epigenetics

We interviewed Pamela Costello, a medical doctor and a practicing neurosurgeon. Take a look at some of the questions she answers about how the environment contributes to disease, ways to keep our bodies from further toxification, and how she practices self-care in her everyday life:

Question: What are epigenetics and how have they contributed to the increase in childhood cancer and disease as well as earlier and earlier onset of diseases we used to see with advanced age?

Epigenetics are everything that our genetics are exposed to in the womb. These are the forces working on top of our genetic background. Epigenetics means turn the genes on and off as well as create mutations in the womb. These can cause genetic breakages that come from toxic exposures in the womb. As the life-force diminishes in our air, and water, and food supply and the toxic burden goes up that interface is magnifying and amplifying in the womb and then after birth. Hence the one in a quarter of a million given for autism in 1980 to the now one in less than sixty. This is a result of an epigenetic phenomenon.

There’s a genetic fragility in younger generations, because they’ve been conceived in an environment with much greater stressors on their genetics than older generations. That’s why we see our great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents being able to consume a wider range of foods without seeing the problems that the younger generations experience. We see more sensitivity to gluten, sugars, and dairy as well as disease progressing at earlier and earlier ages – kids with cancer and adults in their forties and fifties seeing the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. A great deal of this deterioration can be attributed to our environment. It’s said that it causes approximately 90% of all disease.

Question: So, you’re saying that we have all been predisposed to toxins in the womb and continuously through the environmental pollutants. How can we avoid further toxification?

We must avoid things that clearly toxifiy us or turn the volume up on our toxification levels. Sugar alone – processed sugar – feeds the inflammation system. So, whether you just had an operation, you have a chronic immune illness, or you have brain fog, if you’re going to feed the inflammatory system you’re going to inflame your body and your brain. The same goes for gluten and dairy foods as well. By removing the sugar, the gluten, and the dairy and by using organic foods you’re not curing all the causes of the inflammation, but you’re taking responsibility for the way you shop, cook, and eat. In that way, you can turn the volume of toxicity down.

Also, to avoid further toxification, you must first remove the exposure. Whether that’s removing mercury fillings or avoiding lead polluted tap water. You can’t treat the poisoning if you are continually exposing yourself to it.

Question: Dr. Costello, how do you practice self-care in your life?

No matter how busy my schedule is, I incorporate regular exercise. Removing toxins from my life has also been a big part of my self-care, starting with removing the mercury from my mouth. I’ve always tried to stay away from possible toxic exposures and avoid toxic areas. In addition to all of this, I’ve had to make some food adjustments. One of the biggest shifts has been getting rid of gluten and dairy from my diet. I have to know what to eat, and what not to eat to support my body in doing what it needs to do. Another couple of simple practices I use and recommend are one, to always use filtered water, and two, to focus on getting a good night’s rest. Letting go of things that don’t support my immune system, and doing those things and celebrating those things that do is a crucial part of my self-care lifestyle.

Please take time to inventory of your body to see if there are any exposures you need to remove from your life to start the detoxification process and bring yourself closer to overall health and wellbeing.

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