Is There a Deeper Meaning to Self-Care?

what is self care

How would you answer if someone asked you what self-care is?

To some, it’s about being aware of or taking care of our bodies – using sun screen – getting our nails done or our hair cut but is there a deeper meaning to it all?

This is where the struggle comes in when it comes to self-care and what it truly is about.  We take the time to keep ourselves functioning but we invest little in being proactive and investing in ongoing self care.  Only when we are forced to take self-care measures – i.e. when we become stressed, overwhelmed or ill do we sit up and take notice.

We cannot do this sporadically and expect it to last 6 months; self-care should be something you do for yourself every day.  Without providing a dose of self-care each and every day, we end up shortchanging ourselves and everyone else in our lives.

Without putting some essential time and care back into our lives, we cannot keep giving to the world no matter how hard we try.

Self-care is honoring an intrinsic value in oneself and extends way beyond eating healthy, exercising and keeping well.  Getting enough rest, setting boundaries for yourself and others and processing emotions are all critical aspects.

There will always be a sense of imbalance that eventually will permeate other areas of your life without being mindful of all the areas of self-care and without commitment to nurturing each aspect.

If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed by everything you’re trying to do and if you haven’t given yourself the gift of adequate sleep, you can’t expect to do well at work or in your life.

Remember, we are not just our bodies, nor are you just your mind or soul.  We are wonderful, multifaceted and complex creations that need ongoing, regular holistic maintenance.

One thing needs to be pointed out – self-care is not the same as self indulgence.  There is often a confusion of the two terms.  Self indulgence is buying that pair of shoes or eating two pounds of chocolate because they make you feel good – these types of self indulgences do little to feed your soul and help you get your life back into balance.

Self-care is often confused with self love as well – however – self love is more about a feeling, an appreciation or acceptance of oneself.  True self care should nurture, re-balance, de-stress and refuel us – it is an actionable practice.

We often have a hard time practicing self care because we have been taught as children to believe that giving too much time and attention to ourselves is selfish.  We are taught to make friends, not be self centered and to share and think of others first. While these are all admirable traits, we can take these guidelines to the extreme which leaves us with no time to be who we are, we’re doing everything we can to make and keep relationships with everyone but ourselves!

Women have a really hard time with practicing self care.  This can come from feeling unworthy of the time and attention and placing others as much more valuable and important than caring for themselves – especially when it comes to their children.  A woman’s natural instinct is to nurture with all of their being but when we do not practice self care, our tank runs empty and everyone suffers.

Some of focusing on ourselves makes us uncomfortable when we have to face it – it means we have to deal with thoughts, desires and feelings that have been lying under the surface.

A great way to avoid facing the difficulties in our lives is by not taking enough personal time and not setting clear boundaries.  The problem with that is eventually, our problems will make us sit up and pay attention through illness or something else – they’re not going away!

It’s time to start focusing on you now – self care has been shoved down to the bottom of your ‘to do’ list long enough!  Discover what it is that you want and need most to feel nurtured, balanced and re-charged.

Chances are it’s already been nagging at you. Better self-care has been a big should hanging over you for a while. You may have even vowed to yourself to take on your health, yet life always seems to get in the way. The weeks and months tick by, and your self-care habits haven’t changed.

Maybe you just don’t know where to start. Or perhaps you know what you need to do… if only you had some support along the way. That’s why we’re here.

This can be your best health year ever. Self-care is the true health care. Thousands are already participating, and we invite you to join us for our Self-Care Bliss weekend, a transformational 3-day event where you will learn how to generate great healthprosperity and play into your daily life. You will meet the Self-Care CoachesTM and Santa Fe Soul practitioners. Our world-renowned speakers will inspire, educate and empower you through various presentations, workshops, demos, and featured documentary 2013 films. We’ll see you there!

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