Commit to Something Or Go Home!

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Have you seen those people, you know, the ones who mope around the gym like it’s such a chore to be there? The ones who stretch and get all fired up and then do nothing? How about the ones who spend all their time chitchatting with the staff and the other busy bodies at the gym? A whole 30, 60, 90 minutes wasted. No wonder most people dread working out. Now, you don’t have to make a trip to the gym to work out, but if you do, instead of making a long drawn out production of things, why not just commit and get it over with?

So many people dread their workouts because: a) they try to do too many things, OR b) they’re bored with their same old workout.

So, how do you get the most out of your workouts?

To see results from any workout regimen you must have three things: commitment, change, and challenge.


Research has shown that short bouts of very intense exercise can yield the same benefits of a much longer bout of just moderate intensity workouts, and that the benefits of picking just one or two things and fully, 100% committing to doing them for 10-30 minutes are far greater than if you try to overload a 30-90 minute workout.

Whether you’ve got hours and hours to dedicate to exercise or you’re fitting in 10 minute increments whenever you can, the key is to commit to what you’re doing – set your intention. Ask yourself, “What is my intention for this 30 minute workout?” Make it clear what you want to get out of this work out and make it clear that for the duration of your workout, you’re going to be fully present, committed, and dedicated.

Here a few examples of simple high intensity workouts:

1)      If you’re going for a walk: Start with a brisk walk. Then, work your way up to a jog. Hold that pace for a while and then slow down to a walk-jog. Slowly bring it down to a brisk walk. Repeat for the duration of your workout.

2)      If you’re using the treadmill: Let’s say you start at 3.0 with zero incline – it will be different for each person. Then you increase the incline to 5%. From there, you’ll increase the speed a little bit to 4. Steadily increase each so that you’re going at each new speed and incline for a minute. Each minute you’re increasing the speed and intensity until you hit your max. Slowly decrease your speed and incline until you get back to your start of 3.0 flat. Repeat for the duration of your workout.


Continuing with the same workout day in and day out will leave you looking and feeling the same as the day before. If you really want to turn your body into a healthy fat-burning machine, you’ve got to change up your workouts. When you incorporate new moves and new equipment you set yourself up for success, because you eliminate the boring.

If you’re a cardio junkie who’s been running the treadmill every day for years, try mixing it up with a run around the park, a Zumba class, or swimming. If you’re a weight addict, try a whack at a Crossfit class, circuit training, or a non-weight cardio resistance workout.


During any workout, remember: Challenge = Results.

When you push yourself a little out of your comfort zone and a little past what you think you can handle, your body creates new muscle fibers to make up for that lack, aka, you get stronger. And if you are looking to shed any amount of fat, muscle is exactly what you need. When your body increases its muscle mass, it increases its ability to burn fat.

Ladies, I know when you hear muscle you tend to think bulky – don’t! You need muscle to create a lean, healthy look and to be overall healthy.

Join us next week as we continue our November Series: The Power of Gratitude!

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