7 Reasons to Attend the Self-Care Bliss Weekend

7 Reasons to Attend the Self-Care Bliss Weekend

As we gear up for the Self-Care Bliss Weekend, I had the opportunity to personally talk with many people in our community about reasons why they come to our events.

I would like to share with you the top 7 excellent reasons you should attend the Self-Care Bliss Weekend:

1. A Great Networking Opportunity

An event like this is a place for you to bathe in the professional community for a few days. Immerse yourself in an environment filled with like-minded people talking about their lives and their practices. It is an opportunity to speak with individuals about their unique knowledge and interests that can stimulate new ideas, provide a springboard for interesting discussions and ideas, as well as enhance your business/life. Everyone should take this opportunity to mingle with people you don’t know and introduce yourself. Ask them about their life, their business, their family and tell them about yours. Exchange business cards. Connect with old friends and make new friends.

2. Helps you stay current

By attending the Self-Care Bliss Weekend, you will have the opportunity to be informed on where and how Santa Fe Soul and the Self-Care Revolution is growing, what’s new in the field of holistic health care, and what’s new in our program. This is also a great way to obtain education from our amazing list of speakers.

3. Enrich Your Life by Increasing Your Knowledge

The many educational sessions offered will enhance your professional and personal development. One of the best ways to learn is from the experiences of others. The Self-Care Bliss Weekend is filled with speakers who offer insights, practical applications, and “take-home” techniques. Spend a day with Dr. Norm Shealy, one of the world’s leading experts in pain management and one of the first physicians to ever specialize in the resolution of chronic pain. Interact with Dr. Larry Dossey and Dr. Barbara Dossey, who will teach you why spirituality is essential to health and vitality and how to integrate/merge the two optimally. View our two featured films Vitality and Redwood Highway! Join us for Saturday Solstice Entertainment!  Lynn Rose, Bob Doyle, James Twyman, Rick Bastine, Chris Chickering, Daniel Link & more…….This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear the individual musical talents of each of these musicians!!

These are only a few of the sessions offered – click here for the full list of speakers/sessions.

This event offers you the opportunity to learn from some of the most thought provoking leaders in our industry. Topics include Reinvention – When Change is a Necessity, How to Become Your Best Health Care Advocate, Holistic Healing Guaranteed and much more.

4. Ignite Your Passion

Spending time with people that are doing the work of self-care, sharing stories and experiences, talking about their businesses and strategies will help rekindle your passion. In addition, learning new techniques and applications is always inspiring as well.

5. Access to New Products

Where else can you find such a variety of products and services in one spot? You may find the perfect CD/DVD for your self-care, be introduced to products that enhance your life or have a great session with one of our amazing practitioners.

6. Enjoy Santa Fe

Make memories by taking at least a day to explore Santa Fe. If you have already invested in the travel you might consider spending an extra day or two exploring the city or hiking, biking or rafting in the mountains. For even more fun plan to do all of this with a Santa Fe Soul friend!

7. Support your Profession/Personal Growth

Participating in events and activities that are important to your profession/personal growth is essential. You have a responsibility to be knowledgeable about your profession/personal growth, and to contribute to the expansion of your profession/personal growth. I have found it extremely satisfying when I attended an event to know that I participated and that I enriched my life by GOING! When I “show up” the empowerment that I feel is exhilarating.

Take this into consideration – You get four abundantly joyful days connecting with your peers and enhancing your knowledge, in one place, for one airfare and hotel stay. And that doesn’t even count what you learn from the sessions! Ready to attend? Click here to register!

“We are excited to have you be part of this inspiring and powerful weekend. Receive this Bliss Event as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be in the presence of renowned speakers, visionaries, musicians and experts in the field of medicine and health. Trust that the information you will receive will dramatically impact you in your everyday life. Know that post-Bliss the Self-Care Revolution CoachesTM will continue to support you with your self-care evolution!”

Robyn, Kevin and the Self-Care RevolutionTM Team


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  1. jason
    7 years ago

    I would not miss this amazing event…the speakers are all incredible and have much to share!