10 Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Day

tips for working out at work

There are two things we know for sure and tell ourselves often:

1. We should be exercising more

2. Our gym membership is wasting money

So if we’re aware that we waste huge amounts of money on gym memberships and that neglecting our health is even worse, what do we do to fit exercise into our work day?  We get creative!

Here are a few tips via LearnVest.com from some women who have found a way:

Make It Official

I now book my exercise sessions as a meeting on my calendar, usually during the lunch hour. I get my workout, and cut down on bad calories at business lunches.

– Amanda Vega, Amanda Vega Consulting

Avoid Convenience

A great way to sneak in workouts is to do whatever I can to avoid modern “conveniences.” These conveniences save time, but they’re also causing us to be sedentary most of the day.

So, I skip the elevator and take the stairs, skip the IM chat and walk down the hall to talk to my colleague, walk around the office when I’m talking on the phone, skip the drive-through and walk in (better yet, skip the fast food entirely!), use a broom instead of the hose to clean the driveway and rake leaves instead of using a leaf blower.

– Heather Levin, Contributor at Money Crashers Personal Finance


I leave my desk two times a day. This is a must. I walk one mile at 11 a.m. and another at 3 p.m. The walk is brisk and it never takes me more than 15 minutes. The blood gets flowing and it provides the natural energy needed to make it through the day without snacks.

And yes, I look ridiculous in my work outfits with tennis shoes—but who cares!

– Lea Brandy-Janowicz, 
Prince Lionheart, Inc.

Do It for Someone Else

I run with my dog, Daphne. When I come home from work I
 need to take her out, and sometimes I decide to jog rather than walk and end up running for a mile instead. I know we both need
 the exercise, and often it’s easier to do it for her than it is for myself.

– Corinne Alexaki, LV Reader

10 Minutes at a Time

I spent years unable to find the time to exercise, but several months ago my doctor told me to fit in just ten minutes a day. That’s when I decided to split up my yoga routine (standing poses one day, floor poses the next) and make the time to exercise in the morning between my two daughters’ departures for school.

I start my exercise the moment my first daughter heads out the door and finish in time to wake up my second daughter to get ready. I fit in more than ten minutes, but knowing that it doesn’t have to be long got me started.

– Kathy Steck, DinerWear Llc.

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